Prenatal DNA Paternity Test

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  • Zero Risk to Mother or Fetus
  • Can be performed as early as 4 weeks into pregnancy
  • No need to see a Physician
  • Results within 5 – 7 Business Days (Given an addition blood draw is not needed)
  • 99% or more Success Rate
  • No extra charge for an additional alleged father (We highly recommend testing all alleged fathers involved in your case)

What to Expect ∙ Quick, Easy, & Painless

  • Blood is Drawn from Mother
  • Mouth Swab of Alleged Father
  • Fetal DNA in Mother’s Blood compared with Alleged Fathers DNA.

Discrete Prenatal Paternity Testing – Additional $200

There may be occasions when the mother to be does not want the potential father(s) to be aware of her prenatal paternity test.  My Forever DNA, performs many prenatal tests where only the mother to be is aware of the test.

DNA samples from the potential father(s) can be obtained from a variety of discreet sources including but not limited to: Toothbrush, Dental Floss, Ear Wax, Blood Sample(Spot of Blood), Etc.


  • 4th – 8th week of Pregnancy $1950.00
  • 9th week of Pregnancy & Beyond $1499.00
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