Paternity Testing

Legal paternity testing omaha ne

What would you need a legal DNA test for?
A Legal Paternity DNA Test provide individuals with peace of mind along with the knowledge & accuracy that is needed to hold up in a court of law.

Change birth certificate
Petition for custody of child
Establish paternity for child support
Change Wills & Estates
Providing right of inheritance
Tax Forms
Other Legal Reasons

Who can be tested for DNA?
Any adult can be tested with the proper photo id
Children under the age of 18 with a birth certificate or social security card.
Babies can also be tested with the hospital discharge papers or crib card.

When and where can a test be taken?
To adhere to our convenient nature a DNA test can be conducted any place that you wish. Suggested locations, but not limited to, our office at 6918 Maple Street, Suite 2, Omaha, Nebraska, or in the comfort of your home, attorney offices, hospitals, place of business or anywhere that will provide the comfort and convenience that you prefer. Appointment is required for all legal testing and to fulfill the time slot, please schedule an appointment today. We will accommodate anytime that works best for you.

Why and How?
We will provide a quick and easy way to obtain accurate legal DNA testing that will meet needs. Once you identify that you require a legal DNA test please schedule an appointment or buy a legal paternity test today. Once the test is purchased our licensed DNA specialist will call to set up an appointment.

We meet you at your designated location and time of your choice. A licensed DNA specialist will perform the test and will be ready to help fill out all the necessary paperwork that will need to be completed.  Please ensure that you have all the required documentation at the appointment to avoid any delay in your testing.