Informational DNA Paternity Test

To determine the biological father of a child, get this Informational DNA Paternity Test.  This test gives you an accurate determination (with an average probability of paternity of 99% or more) of who the child’s biological father is. This test is for informational purposes only and not admissible in court or for legal evidence that may be needed for documentation.

The process is very simple and easy.  It starts by collecting epithelial cell (skin cell) samples using a soft swab rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth to obtain DNA from the child and the alleged father. A sample from the mother is not required; however, is useful in the testing process.  With the mother’s participation, the lab will be able to determine which half of the child’s DNA was contributed by the mother; therefore, the remaining DNA must then match the alleged father. Then the DNA of the potential father is analyzed to determine the probability that his genetic markers are found in the child. This is known as a percentage of probability of paternity.

Our professional medical assistant will rub soft swabs on the inside of both cheeks of the child and possible father, and any additional participants, to determine the paternity of a single child.  If more than one child is being tested or if there is more than one alleged father, additional fees will be incurred. If you have a specimen with DNA on it, please ask the medical assistant if we are able to do the test on your specimen and for additional pricing.

NOTE:  The Informational DNA Paternity Test is not admissible in court.  Names of the tested parties will not be shown on the test results.  If you need the results to be admissible in court, ask about our Chain of Custody (Legally Admissible) Paternity Test.


The DNA Paternity Test (Informational)  is for informational purposes only and cannot be used as legal evidence in court or for legal documentation use.  If you need the test results for reasons such as child support; child custody or visitation; to seek medical, social security or military benefits; to add or remove a name from a birth certificate; or for adoption, you must purchase our Legally-Admissible DNA Paternity Test.