Immigration DNA Testing

Receive Biological proof of relationship for the Immigration process.
Immigration cases require proof of relationship through the use of an AABB Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory. By purchasing an Immigration Test through My Forever DNA you are assured of receiving fast, reliable, and accurate results from an AABB Accredited laboratory of DNA experts.

Immigration Test Overview
The My Forever Immigration DNA Test is completed during the immigration process.  When applying for immigration, it is required you provide proof of a biological relationship between parties through the testing services of an AABB Accredited DNA Laboratory.

Examples of DNA Tests used in Immigration:
Paternity DNA Test: Requires DNA Samples from a father and child.
Maternity DNA Test: Requires DNA Samples from a mother and child.

 AABB Requirements of an Immigration Tests:
1. My Forever DNA will create an appointment for DNA collection (if located in the United States).
2. We will ship our DNA Collection Kit to the Embassy or USCIS office.
3. The Embassy or USCIS office will schedule the collection and return to our laboratory for testing.
4. We send the official test report to the immigration office. Once complete, we notify the immigration office directly with our official report.

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