Home DNA test vs. Clinic: Things to Consider

There are 4 things you should consider before deciding if a home paternity test is right for you:
1) Consider the reason you’re taking a paternity test in the first place. If you’re simply interested in the results for a little peace of mind, then a home test will be just fine. However, a home paternity test won’t cut the cake if you need to determine paternity for legal purposes, since the results from a home test will not be valid court. You’ll need to go back and get a legal paternity test anyway. There goes the savings you may have originally been seeking!
2) If the child is under 18, it is always better to get a legal test. There are simply too many legal issues with children to waste valuable time and money on a home test. Legal tests can be used in birth certificate changes, custody battles, wills, estates, etc.; home tests offer none of those advantages.
3) If the child is out of the country, and coming to a clinic is just not possible, then a home test is a good and accurate option. Just keep in mind that it can’t be used for anything except peace of mind.
4) Finally, if you’re both adults, you’re comfortable following the instructions on the kit, and there are no legal matters at stake, either now or in the future…then, a home test a great choice. Swab away!