Are Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

The accuracy of your home paternity test is as equally important as the need for privacy and ease of testing. Just how accurate are home paternity tests, though?
3 factors to consider:
the quality of the lab you choose
the quality of the kit that you purchase
how well you follow the directions (customer service you receive after purchase to help with collection)

Once you’re certain that you can lock down your part of the test, you can then focus on finding a reputable and certified company with a good accuracy track record; the ball will be in their court once you send off your swabs loaded with DNA. Your best bet is to research the company performing the analysis in an effort to make the most informed decision possible.
Not all home paternity tests are created equal!
3 differences between various company’s home DNA tests include:
1) The number of genetic markers included in the analysis.
2) The number of times they run the analysis
3) The proficiency of the company and people that analyze the data and make the determination.
The bottom line is this: companies that offer low cost home DNA tests save money by testing fewer genetic markers tested (which reduces the statistical probabilities of the results) and running the specimens once (instead of twice). And what kind of statistical experts are these $69 DNA testing companies hiring, anyway? Can they really afford to pay the best and brightest?
Consider the qualifications of the lab used to analyze the test first and foremost. Ideally, the lab processing your test should be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks and certified by the Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendment. Having these stamps of approval is proof that the lab has passed some pretty tough tests and inspections prior to performing any tests of their own.
Think about it: there are a lot of places to save money in life. Is a paternity test one of those places you should be bargain shopping? The old adage applies: You get what you pay for. Luckily, your search for a top quality at home paternity test with lab has been found with My Forever DNA.