About Me

In the summer of 2001 I worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Riverdale, Georgia.   After realizing the impact and reward that experience came with, I returned to Nebraska to attend Bellevue University to pursue a degree in Biology & Healthcare Management. I graduated from Bellevue University in May of 2006. I was then employed with Quest Diagnostics from 2006-2009 where I performed DNA/Paternity Testing for DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) as a 3rd party collector among many other laboratory duties.   After my employment with Quest,  I managed a Specialty Lab Clinic from 2009-2012 this Clinic Specialized in DNA Testing: Paternity, Maternity, Infidelity, Grandparent, etc. (among many other test).  The experience I gained threw employment gave me the wide range of knowledge and experience needed to be proficient in the entire field of DNA testing.  Given my Educational Background & the knowledge gained in the  field, I decided to open my own DNA Testing Company that puts an Emphasis  on Customer Service.

Customer Service is the foundation of My Forever DNA  because  we understand that every situation is important and highly sensitive.   You are not just a number you are an person with a highly sensitive situation that needs to be dealt with the utmost respect.  Confidentiality and privacy is a top priority for My Forever DNA. We ensure that all documentation and correspondences is held with the utmost privacy. The company is locally owned and operated, not a franchise or a national company where you could speak with multiple people.  We have a convenient Omaha office located at 6918 Maple Street Ste 2.  We also offer mobile DNA testing threw-out the state of Nebraska, or mail in tests if you prefer.  Please give me a call at 402-639-1221 or email at [email protected]